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Hi Paolo & family!

I'm planning a trip to Provence next year. Would love your advice on it! Should I stay in one place and use it as a camp base and make day trips everywhere? Or should I spread it out and stay 2-3 days and 2-3 days there. My goal is to cover Nice, Monte Carlo, and of course Provence.

Also, do you have any places you can recommend for us to rent from?

Merci beaucoup!


Paolo De Paolis

You’re probably best off covering Nice and Monte Carlo from one base, and then moving to a second base further inland to discover Provence.

Depending on whether you are after tranquil countryside or cultural city life, you could make your Provence base in Avignon or Aix – both beautiful, historic, cultural cities – or you could choose a small village in the Luberon Valley. The Luberon is where we live, arguably the most beautiful countryside of Provence, and famous for its medieval hill top villages.

Paolo’s web site www.theluberon.com has loads of information on the Luberon Valley and links to some good articles. He also markets a number of rental properties which you’ll see on the site.

He also suggests you look at www.slowtravel.com which has a very popular forum covering exactly this subject! Bon courage!


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